C-Bus Integration with BACnet

Does your Building Automation System speak BACnet? Do you need to integrate Honeywell C-Bus? We have a solution for you - our C-Bus to BACnet gateway. Based on our proven IEC converter technology we provide the direct translation between both protocols.

The gateway converts the C-Bus data points into the BACnet point objects while transforming C-Bus attributes into the BACnet properties. One C-Bus is treated as a separate BACnet device. Alarms are exported as events using the Enrollment Object. Device and Point Discovery allows the integration of sites where no detailed information about the C-Bus topology is available. To commission the gateway, you need only a Web Browser, you do not have to install any legacy installation tools.

Key features

  • Support for BACnet TCP, protocol revision 19
  • Commissioning in Web Browser, no legacy tool installation required
  • Scalable solution, up to 3000 data points and 29 C-Bus devices per gateway
  • Reading and writing of DDC data points. Supported are the following types: digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, pseudo digital (virtual), pseudo analog (virtual), totalizer (slow and fast), pulse, multistate
  • Support for C-Bus speed up to 76800 bps
  • Support for reading and writing of extended attributes
  • Compatibility with the Excel 5000 family (XL50,XL80, XL100, XL500, XL600, XL800 and Zone Manager)
  • Device and Point Discovery
  • Alarm notification class
  • Time Program editor for Daily, Weekly and Yearly (Daily Maintenance) Schedules
  • Date/Time Synchronization
  • Enables parallel operation with the Honeywell stations (EBI, SymmetrE, XBS, ...)

More information

For pricing, additional information and support details please contact us or one of our partner:
Canada and USA: Solmatic Inc.